CBD is short for cannabidiol,  which is a phytocannabinoid that was discovered in 1940.  CBD is one of over a hundred different compounds found within the cannabis plant,  and it differs from THC drastically.

THC or tetrahydracannabinol is considered the main compound in the marijuana plant,  and it is typically the most sought after trait for recreational and many medicinal smokers as well.  This is because THC is the chemical found within the cannabis plant that actually gets you high.  This is where CBD differs from THC.  CBD does not give you that same feeling that one would get from consuming THC.  You will get some beneficial medicinal effects from using CBD and you may feel a bit relaxed,  but it is far off of smoking a joint and being stoned.

CBD has been becoming more and more popular throughout the past couple of years as more and more states have been passing medicinal and recreational laws to allow for the consumption of marijuana.  This has allowed for an influx of growers to become part of the cannabis revolution and many different ideas and strategies have been applied in this field in the past few years to make new products and crazy advancements like we have never seen.

CBD and it’s isolation wasn’t even heard of a few years back,  and there was no collective of information that clearly showed benefits from CBD because no one even knew what it was.  Much like no one knew what shatter,  live resin,  or rosin was 10 years ago.  Back then it was dry sift kief or bubble hash.  Now that marijuana has become more socially acceptable as a medicine and recreationally,  it has allowed for these advancements which have ultimately improved the marijuana experience over the decades.

CBD is found in both THC rich buds and in commercial hemp plants.  Some have dedicated their lives to breeding high CBD/low THC strains and now there are lots of sources on getting your hands on CBD seeds or products.  It has become super popular in tourist shops,  Instagram,  Facebook,  and almost every store has some type of CBD product available at this point.