As cannabis-infused health and wellness products have been becoming all the rage as of late,  more and more cannabidiol (more known as CBD) products and forms have been popping up over the last few years.

When CBD first hit the scene it was mainly only available in flower or CBD oil form,  but now there are dozens of different CBD products and many different ways to use CBD to your liking.  One of these newer forms that CBD is available in is called CBD isolate.

What is CBD isolate powder? 

CBD isolate is a pure chemical compound that is extracted from a CBD-rich cannabis plant.  CBD Isolate is similar to a CBD wax or CBD shatter considering that it is basically concentrated CBD.  The difference between isolate and wax is the fact that the isolate is virtually 100 percent pure CBD while cannabidiol wax ranges anywhere from 40-90 percent CBD.  CBD wax also had other cannabinoids and compounds left over from the cannabis plant such as terpenes,  which give the product taste and smell.  Since CBD isolate has 0 terpenes or other cannabinoids,  it has absolutely no smell or taste.

How is CBD isolate made? 

There are a few steps to making CBD isolate and it is much more complicated than making normal concentrates.

CBD isolate starts with CBD-rich buds that were selectively bred throughout time to increase CBD levels while decreasing THC levels,  or with CBD-rich hemp.  This product is taken and ran through a Super Critical C02 extraction machine.  Other methods can be used in making the initial oil,  but C02 extractions are known to produce a cleaner oil compared to using other solvents.  The oil that is produced with the C02 extractions is now rich in CBD but it also has other cannabinoids like CBDA, CBG,  THC,  CBN,  CBC,  or THC-A plus terpenes,  lipids,  chlorophyll,  and other plant waxes.

The next 2 steps need to be taken to isolate the CBD from the oil that we now have,  and those 2 steps are called winterization and decarboxylation.  Winterization removes all of the unwanted plant waxes and lipids and decarboxylation converts CBDA to CBD.

The winterized oil is now ran through a triple pass fractional distillation process to remove the chlorophyll,  terpenes,  and any other undesirable contaminants that may have been in your solution.  This process will also remove the small fractions of the other unwanted cannabinoids that were in your oil as well.

The concentrated CBD that you have left after fractional distillation now must be mixed with a non-polar solvent in a reactor.  This solution is heated and cooled to precipitate the CBD out into pure crystal form.  This CBD crystal must now be washed with the same non-polar solvent in the reactor to further purify the CBD and remove any final remaining contaminants.

The final process is to take your CBD isolate crystal and place it into a vacuum oven for 48 hours to fully purge any of the solvents that were used during the isolation process.  The final result is 99.99 percent pure CBD isolate crystals!

How do you use CBD isolate? 

CBD isolate is very versatile in terms of it’s usability.  You can directly ingest it by eating the crystals like a pill and swallowing it with water,  or by adding it to your favorite food or beverage.  You can crush up the crystals into more a powder for a better mix and it won’t cause any changes to the effects.  You can sprinkle the CBD isolate crystals on top of a bowl,  in your joint/blunt,  or even in your vaporizer.  You can also dab CBD isolate crystals just like shatter as well,  but it can be difficult to get the hard crystals to stick on your titanium dabbing tool.  Try heating the end of it for a second or two with your torch and then the CBD crystal will basically melt onto the end of your tool and stick easier.  CBD isolate can be used to make any CBD products that you have seen around as well.  It is very easy to dose with CBD isolate because it is basically 100 percent pure CBD so if you take 50 milligrams of isolate,  you are getting 50 grams of CBD.

Will CBD isolate make you fail a drug test? 

Since the process of making CBD isolate removes all other cannabinoids from the final product,  there should be absolutely zero chance of you failing a standard drug test because of CBD isolate.  Other CBD products may have trace amounts of THC in them and still be legal,  and those products could definitely trigger a positive reading on a drug test,  but you will be 100 percent safe using isolate.  If you aren’t allowed to use CBD than you definitely don’t want to use this product because you fail a drug test if they are specifically searching for CBD.  99 percent of drug tests out there don’t identify CBD,  but there are some available that will detect it,  and any lab could do so as well if they were actively looking for it.