What does CBD do?  This is the question that many people ask when they first hear about CBD.  Most people automatically assume that since CBD comes from cannabis that it will get you high if you take it,  but that is definitely not the case.  CBD doesn’t have the same psychoactivity as THC and while it may give you a bit of relaxation,  it does not get you high.

So if CBD doesn’t get you high then what does it do?

CBD is well known to treat a great number of ailments and conditions.  There isn’t very much clinical research done on a lot of this so far because of the fact that CBD is so new and since it does come from cannabis there is still that stigma that makes it a lot more difficult to research than lab made chemicals.  Many people take CBD to help with chronic pain and there have been a great number of stories of people using either CBD or THC to come off of opiod medication that many times they have been prescribed for years on end.  CBD comes in lotion form and topical application on top of oral use of CBD oil or CBD isolate can be very effective for pain management.

Potential Uses of CBD

CBD can be a saving grace to someone hooked on opiates as it has been showed to reduce the dependency of opiates.  This can really help someone who wants to quit but just needs a little extra boost to get them over the edge.

CBD is also known and has been studied to show that it reduces seizures in epileptic patients.  I have seen a great bit of evidence proving that this is true,  and I have seen it work in person as well.  It is amazing to see someone that has been struggling to stay seizure free their entire life go months on end without a single event.  Hopefully future studies can be done and maybe even someone can use and improve upon CBD even more to improve it’s effectiveness.

CBD CB1 Receptors

Cannabidol with THC

CBD is also known to “mellow out” a THC high that is out of hand.  Sometimes when you smoke cannabis that is rich with THC,  you can get yourself feeling a little bit too high.  This is especially true in today’s world where edibles and concentrates like live resin or rosin are readily available as well.  If you are too high and you take some CBD,  it will probably help counteract the high and bring you back down to earth a little bit.  This is perfect for someone who is trying edibles for the first time or someone who is dabbing for the first time because normally if you get too high you just have to rough it out,  but now you know if you take some CBD while you are too high that it might help bring you back to reality.

CBD is used by cancer patients to help reduce their nausea,  especially if they are having to go thru chemo.  The CBD can help boost a patient’s appetite and reduce vomiting.  I would probably take THC and CBD if I were going thru cancer,  but that is just me.

CBD is used by many people to help with anxiety and depression.  While there isn’t much clinical research to prove this,  I do believe in countless stories and testimonials that I have read on the internet that have attributed CBD to success in the battle against depression.  A good friend of mine uses CBD oil and CBD isolate crystals to manage his depression and he says that he instantly feels better after using CBD.  Many others have had this same success and you can find many other’s stories by doing some research.

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Other ways it could help

CBD has been shown in some studies to be an effective treatment against acne.  This is a skin condition that about 9 percent of the population and 50 percent of teens are going thru,  and a natural solution like CBD could be a great help to many looking to clear up their skin.

Others have said that CBD and CBD topical creams have really helped with their psoriasis or eczema.  I personally used to have a skin condition similar to psoriasis and right when I started using cannabis,  my skin cleared up.  I am not sure if this can be attributed to CBD or my cannabis use at all,  but it does make me wonder.  If you are suffering from a skin condition it’s worth giving CBD a try.

CBD has been shown in studies to help prevent diabetes.  This is a devastating condition and it’s crazy to think that it could be prevented by using CBD.

As you can see,  CBD is a diverse cannabinoid that we are just starting to peak into and understand.  It has many uses and I am sure many more will be found in the near future.