The Wife Strain Review

This strain was brought to us by Terrapin Care Station which is a consumer-focused cultivator,  processor,  and provider of high quality cannabis products throughout the Denver area of Colorado.  I have been to a number of different Terrapin Care Stations during my many trips to Denver,  and I can definitely say that they always have high quality cannabis products in their stores.

The Wife Strain Lineage

While this is a wildly popular strain,  the lineage of The Wife is unknown.

The Wife Cannabis Flavor Profile

This strain has a very unique aroma that smells of cherries and bananas,  with undertones of mixed berries.  The only other strain that I can remember having a banana aroma was rightfully called Strawberry Banana,  and I tried that out at Kind Love,  which is another dispensary in Colorado.  The Wife’s aroma is one of the most pleasant that I have ever smelled,  and I only hoped that the flavor would match the smell.  The cherry aroma definitely carries over to the taste,  but it is not as potent in the taste as it is in the aroma.  The strong banana aroma somewhat disappears in the taste,  and only shows itself a bit in the aftertaste.  The berries also go missing in the taste and I couldn’t pick up that aroma anywhere in the undertones or aftertaste.  It is still a very delicious and satisfying strain,  but I had hoped it would taste exactly like it smelled,  and that wasn’t quite the case.

The Wife Bud Consistency

The Wife Strain

These buds are average in size and density and that would be expected since The Wife is said to be a 50/50 hybrid.  The buds are very light green,  and almost pale in color.  There is an ample amount of sticky trichome crystals covering the buds that only add to the pale effect.  The orange pistils are even a bit lighter in color than most other strains,  and because of that,  they don’t really stand out apart from the rest of the bud structure which is why that overall pale consistency seems to dominate.  The Wife definitely isn’t the prettiest strain that I have ever seen,  but it doesn’t look bad at all,  especially for a CBD rich strain.

The Wife Strain Effects

Due to the high CBD content of this strain the effects are fairly mild.  The first thing I noticed after trying out The Wife for the first time was a nice warm wave of relaxation spreading throughout my body.  The effects weren’t extreme,  but definitely noticeable.  I also felt a wave of energy and happiness come over me as well as I was finishing my king sized joint of The Wife.  I felt great and motivated to get some work done as well.  This is the perfect day time strain for someone who has to go to work,  or someone who has things to get done in general.  It also helped out with the inflammation that I suffer from in my knee that flares up almost anytime that I have to sit in a confined space for more than an hour or so.  The flight to Colorado flared my knee up,  but The Wife treated it back to full strength.  I also felt very social,  which is odd for me since I suffer from social anxiety.  If you are looking for a strain to help with insomnia,  I would probably recommend trying out a different strain.

The Wife Cannabis Overview

This is great daytime strain or a great strain to help with energy/motivation/mental clarity,  and while it does produce some relaxation,  it isn’t as deep as the relaxation that other CBD rich strains will provide.  To me,  it is the perfect strain for the morning or when you have things that you need to get done.