CBD was first discovered back in 1940 by Dr. Roger Adams and his team at The University of Illinois,  and it’s funny to think that CBD was actually discovered well over 20 years before THC was.  Although CBD has been known about longer than THC,  it really remained on the back burner in terms of research and innovation until the past 3-4 years.

Hybrid CBD + THC Capsules

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant and it comes from one of two sources.  Commercial grade hemp plants or selective bred cannabis strains.  Hemp is used in a great number of industries and while there is virtually no THC in these plants,  they are rich in CBD.  Breeders have made it their mission to selectively breed new strains to decrease the THC and increase the THC content.  Once these growers breed a new strain that contains less than %0.3 percent of THC,  they can officially grow this strain to extract the CBD from the cannabis buds.

People Prefer Oral Consumption of CBD

The most popular method of consumption when it comes to taking CBD is oral consumption whether it be with a CBD oil or CBD capsules.  Finding a reputable company that produces consistent and reliable products can be tricky,  but there are a growing number of grade A suppliers popping up every day.

One of these manufacturers that is known for producing quality CBD and THC products is known as Stratos.  Stratos claims to be the very first group of pharmaceutical professionals to jump into the cannabis industry to develop cannabis-infused products.  Their main product is cannabis-infused tablets.

Unlike many other companies that use capsules,  Stratos developed a formula that allowed them press their tablets.  The end result is a more professional and pharmaceutical looking product vs. cheap filled caps.  Their tablets are formulated to maximize the absorption of cannabinoids into the body quickly and efficiently.  On average,  the user will feel the effects of Stratos tablets within 30 minutes of consumption and the effects last between 6-8 hours.

Cannabis oil is the main active ingredient in each of their products,  and it is derived through whole plant strain-type specific CO2 oil extraction.  Statos offers many different formulations each with varying effects including Energy,  Relax,  Sleep,  and several CBD ratios.

I picked up a bottle of their CBD 25 (CBD + Hybrid THC) Tablets.  Each one of the tablets contains 25 milligrams of CBD and 1.65 milligrams of a hybrid strain of THC.  Each bottle contains 10 of caps and the bottle cost $50 in the dispensary that I got it from.  I received %25 off since it was a specific day of the week so I ended up getting my bottle for $37.50.

Stratos CBD Capsules CBD 25 mgThe packaging and the tablets themselves look very high quality and you can tell that Stratos put a lot of time and effort into perfecting their products.

I took a single tablet early in the morning with my continental breakfast that I was eating in my Denver hotel.  My right knee had been bothering me from being cramped up on the flight in the night before,  and I was really hoping the CBD would help the inflammation,  soreness,  and swelling that my knee was suffering from.  About 35 minutes after taking my tablet I started feeling a nice wave of relaxation throughout my body,  and my knee felt brand new again.  I had been worried all day that I wouldn’t be able to get my hike in like I was planning,  but the Stratos CBD 25 tablet put those worries to rest fairly quickly.

CBD + THC Hyrid Capsules Quite Relaxing

The relaxation that CBD brings is very pleasant and the very small dose of 1.65mg of THC in this particular product that I tried out really boosted that relaxation as well.  It brought a very light and clear headed buzz that gave me a huge boost of energy and creativity.  It was like having a cup of coffee on steroids!

The Stratos CBD 25 capsules truly put a positive impression to the start of my day and lasted well into the early hours of the night.  My depression was destroyed and I was excited to get out and about for the day,  and my anxiety was wiped out as I was talkative and friendly to everyone in sight.

CBD Capsules Work Miracles

CBD is truly a miracle compound that comes from a miracle plant that we have made leaps and bounds on in the past decade.  Stratos is a great company that is doing it right and bringing some amazing cannabinoid products to the market.  I would highly recommend their products and their CBD 25 tablets are a great option for anyone looking for a CBD consumable.