Special Sauce CBD Cannabis Strain Review

CBD has been exploding in popularity over the past few years,  and since the industry has been growing at such an exponential rate,  there has been a great need for new breeding to create 50 state legal strains that have under 0.3 percent THC content.  Special Sauce,  the creation of Oregon CBD,  is one of these strains that can be sold across the entire United States since there is such a low level of THC.

Special Sauce Strain Lineage

Original Special Sauce x ERB(Early Resin Berry)

Special Sauce Strain Flavor Profile

This strain smells skunky and dank with mild aroma of berries and undertones of grape and caramel.  The aroma is delightfully herbal and left me salivating as I impatiently rolled up awaiting the taste.  The taste isn’t quite as pleasant as the smell,  but that’s not to say that it was bad.  The skunky herbal aroma carries through strongest to the taste,  while the berries,  grapes, and caramel kind of goes missing when it comes to the actual flavor.  The taste isn’t unpleasant at all,  but it always disappoints me when a lemon,  grape,  or berry aroma doesn’t shine through to the taste.

Special Sauce Bud Consistency

special sauce strain

These nugs are small and fluffy and they are covered thoroughly with shiny trichomes.  The color of the buds consist of forest green,  gold,  and small tinges of purple.  The buds that I received were all similar in size and while they were larger than “popcorn nugs”,  they weren’t any quite the size of a golf ball.  Special Sauce buds aren’t the prettiest that I have ever seen,  but they do look good for a 50 state legal strain.  Due to the high resin content of this strain,  many people use it to make CBD extracts.

Special Sauce Strain Effects

The diverse cannabinoids in Special Sauce make for a unique experience and provide a bit of a different buzz than your standard 50 state legal strain.  Relaxation was the first effect to take over my body after just 3-4 puffs,  and it was quite enjoyable.  I felt like laying around and doing nothing after I used the Special Sauce,  and I really didn’t feel very motivated to get up and do any work or anything physical.  There was definitely a euphoric buzz that paired with the relaxation to make me want to just lay on the couch and zone out.  I definitely caught a little case of the munchies with this strain as well,  although it is under 0.3 percent THC.  This is the perfect strain to use if you have absolutely nothing to do all day,  or it would also be great as a night time strain to help aid with sleep.  I had to urge to take a nap at 11:30 a.m.  after using this strain,  so I am sure it would put one out at night time.

Special Sauce Strain Overview

This is another wonderful strain that was brought to us by Oregon CBD,  and we have them to thank for this masterpiece as well as dozens of other 50 state legal CBD strains throughout the United States.  If you want to lay around and chill,  or get some sleep,  this is the perfect strain for you!