Sour Tsunami Strain Review

The more I have learned about the CBD industry,  the more amazed I am that it has come so far in such a short period of time.  This is thanks to the dedication of countless individuals that have dedicated their lives to selective breeding and creating new cannabis strains.  One of these amazing individuals is Lawrence Ringo of the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective.  He is the person who first created this strain,  along with many other vitally important CBD strains throughout the past decade.  If it weren’t for people like Lawrence Ringo,  who the Ringo’s Gift Strain was named after,  there wouldn’t be 50 state legal CBD strains on the market today,  and we should all take a moment to pay homage not only to Ringo,  but to all of the other’s who have spent their lives bettering the cannabis community.

Sour Tsunami Lineage

Lawrence Ringo created this strain by crossing Sour Diesel,  NYC Diesel,  and a California strain called Ferrari.  The end result was a strain around 10 percent THC and anywhere from 11-30 percent CBD.

Sour Tsunami Flavor Profile

This strain is known for it’s sweet,  gassy,  diesel smell with a bitter and sour aftertaste.  The taste is very delicious and is reminiscent of what one would call smoking “that gas” or that straight fire.  The bud is very dank smelling and very dank tasting,  and it is absolutely delicious.  The sour aftertaste made me shake my head back and forth with a blissful satisfaction more than once!  If you are in one of the 11 recreational marijuana states or one of the 30 plus that have passed medicinal marijuana laws,  I would highly recommend tasting Sour Tsunami if you consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur and enjoy a fine tasting bud.

Sour Tsunami Bud Consistency 

Since Sour Tsunami is a sativa-dominant strain,  the nugs tend to be long and fluffy.  The buds are a mixed when it comes to color with some light green and other spots of darker gree.  The nugs covered with a thick layer of sticky trichomes that shine with a brilliance like a diamond.  The buds are airy and light with ample curly orange pistils throughout.

Sour Tsunami Strain Effects

Lawrence Ringo originally bred this strain for himself to help with his back pain,  and it can definitely be used relieving pain.  Sour Tsunami melted away the knee pain that I deal with from time to time and while it did take about 10 minutes to kick in,  once it did,  my knee was golden for the rest of the day.  Sour Tsunami has a very significant level of THC and gave me a nice euphoric feeling that was very pleasant and relaxing.  The high CBD levels balance out the THC and make for a more mellow experience as compared to a strain without CBD present.  This strain helped my stomach feel great as well,  as I normally can’t eat much without cannabis or CBD due to really bad acid reflux.  I enjoyed a pizza without getting sick,  and that would have been impossible without the Sour Tsunami.  I passed out about an hour and half after first using this strain and took a nice 2 hour long nap!  I am not sure if I was exhausted from waking up super early to make my flight from Tampa to Denver that day,  if it was all attributed to the Sour Tsunami strain,  or if it was a mix of both,  but the sleep was sweet!

Sour Tsunami Cannabis Overview

This is a great strain that Lawrence Ringo helped bring into the world,  and I would highly recommend giving it a try if you ever get the chance.  If it wasn’t for strains like this and people like Lawrence Ringo,  we wouldn’t have the myriad of 50 state legal CBD strains available to us like we do today in 2020.  This is a great strain for the cannabis lover that enjoys THC and CBD because it typically well balanced at about 10 percent each,  but some phenotypes of Sour Tsunami reach up to 30 percent CBD which would tone the THC down even further.  This is a great strain for the smoker that might get a bit paranoid when consuming THC before going out in public.  It’s also the perfect strain for someone that has to go to work,  or needs to relax and get in a good state of mind to do online work,  writing,  art,  music,  or whatever else you enjoy that takes a bit of brain power!  Sour Tsunami is a wonderful strain bred by a wonderful man and I highly recommend it.