Ringo’s Gift CBD Strain Review

Ringo’s Gift is named after the great and late Lawrence Ringo.  He was a cannabis and CBD activist who helped pioneer the CBD industry.  There was a common misconception that this strain was named after the Beatles’ Ringo,  but that has now been dispelled.

Ringo’s Gift Strain Lineage

AC/DC x Harley-Tsu

Ringo’s Gift CBD Strain Flavor Profile

Ringo’s Gift is a wonderful explosion of pine,  forest,  earthiness,  with undertones of citrus and mint.  The smell is amazing,  but the flavor doesn’t quite live up to the smell in my opinion.  The earthiness takes over when it comes to taste,  there is a bit of a spicy tingle of taste that is a bit odd, and you don’t really get to enjoy the minty orange pine that I was hoping would shine through.  The flavor wasn’t unpleasant by any means,  but I would probably only give it a 6.5 or 7/10.

Ringo’s Gift Effects

Much like any other CBD rich strain,  Ringo’s Gift really helped me out with my common ailments.  The knee pain that I suffer from time to time was quickly dispelled upon consumption of this CBD strain.  The Ringo’s Gift quickly took effect after 4 or 5 puffs,  and I felt a nice warm wave of relaxation halfway through my King size.  The effects were certainly uplifting and inspired creativity mentally.  Physically,  I was ready to take on any challenge needed and felt like I could take on the world.  Some CBD strains make me a bit groggy rather than relaxed,  but this one was perfect for my day to day needs.  I dosed twice in one day with the Ringo’s Gift strain and smoked a King size joint each time.  The sleep that I got that night was deep and uninterrupted.  I did sleep in pretty heavy the next day and a bit later than I normally do,  but I am not 100 percent sure if that was attributed only to the Ringo’s Gift.  All in all,  I can say that this strain is definitely up there in my top 10 favorite CBD strains when it comes to the effects.  There are definitely better tasting strains out there,  but a lot of them have some unpleasant effects or effects that aren’t quite as good as this one.  I’d definitely recommend trying out Ringo’s Gift if you’re looking for a legal CBD rich strain.