The Purekana Blood Orange CBD Vape Pen is a must have for anyone looking for a vapeable CBD experience,  especially if you are a fan of citrus or citrus-flavored stuff.

Purekana CBD Vape Pen Blood Orange

The Blood Orange provides an enjoyable vaping experience that bombards your taste buds with a juicy sweet orange flavor that just permeates throughout your mouth and lungs after taking a drag.  The flavor is extremely enjoyable and the vapor is smooth and refreshing.  Out of all of the different e-liquids and nicotine vaping solutions that I have ever tried,  The Purekana Blood Orange CBD Vape Pen by far has by far had the best flavor and best vaping experience that I have ever had the pleasure of having.

The Purekana CBD Pens have 231 milligrams of CBD per unit which breaks down to about 125 1.85 milligram servings within the pen.  You can dose as much or as little as you’d like depending on your needs.

This Purekana CBD Pen is great for pain

I have knee pain in my right knee that flares up about once every week or 2 anytime that I have to sit in a cramped position for more than an hour or so.  I waited to try out the Purekana Pen until one of the days that my knee flared up on me to see if it would help me out like other CBD products have in the past.  Sure enough,  The Purekana Blood Orange CBD Pen really helped wipe away any discomfort that I was feeling in my knee,  and it helped produce a nice wave of gentle relaxation over my body with just a few pulls on the pen.

I also use CBD to help out with stomach issues that I have.  Certain foods really get to me,  and I think that my stomach produces too much stomach acid sometimes as well.  If I don’t use any cannabis products or CBD,  my stomach can really flare up on me and give me some trouble that isn’t very pleasant to go through.  The Purekana Pen really helped settle my stomach and helped give me an appetite boost so I could go enjoy some lunch.  CBD doesn’t give me the munchies like smoking or consuming cannabis does,  but it definitely helps and gives my appetite a boost while comforting my stomach.

Vape Pen Also used for relaxation

I also use CBD to help me relax and focus on getting work done online as well,  and the Blood Orange Vape Pen from Purekana definitely helped get me into a nice zone for a few hours.  It’s nice to redoes with another drag or two after a couple hours have passed from your first dose.

The Purekana Pen really helped me get some good sleep as well which is another reason that I love CBD.  If I don’t smoke cannabis I absolutely cannot sleep unless I can get my hands on some good CBD.  Purekana is definitely high quality and if you struggle with insomnia or being able to stay asleep all the way throughout the night,  CBD might be able to help you out.

All in all,  this is an amazing product that offers an amazing experience.  The flavor of the Blood Orange CBD Vape Pen is unmatched and Purekana definitely put in a lot time perfecting this product.  It is a bit pricy if you buy this directly online from Purekana at $45,  but it is definitely worth trying if you can afford it.