CBD is an amazing chemical that many people throughout the world have been starting to reap the benefits from.  The cannabidiol craze has been sweeping across the nation and some of the most anti-cannabis people that I know are using CBD oil for pain relief,  anxiety relief,  insomnia,  and a myriad of other ailments.  The fact that CBD oil delivers most of the health benefits of cannabis without the high is the main reason why it has been gaining so much traction lately.

Purekana 5000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

One of the biggest drawbacks to using CBD or CBD oil is the fact that it can be so pricy.  If you are going to consistently use CBD oil on a daily basis then you need to find a way to get it cheaper.  That is one reason that I bought this 5000mg bottle of CBD oil from Purekana.  It was $390 but I got a %15 off coupon and that got the price down to $331.50.  That may seem like a lot,  but it would be the equivalent of getting a 100 mg bottle of cbd oil for $6.63.

Purekana 5000mg CBD oil review

The package that I received from Purekana in the mail was discreet and the packaging for their 5000mg CBD oil was fancy yet simplistic at the same time with a nice shiny gold label,  but it is what is on the inside that counts with these types of products.

The CBD oil from Purekana was flavorless and it is said to be made with no pesticides,  herbicides,  chemical solvents,  or GMOs.  The 5000 mg bottle is so concentrated that it only takes a very small amount of the oil to get a nice dose.  I took about 40 milligrams worth of CBD on my first try because I was suffering from a lot of knee and stomach pain that particular day.

The Effects of the Oil

It only took about 20-25 minutes for the relaxing effects of the CBD oil from Purekana to start kicking in and I could feel a nice warm wave of relief throughout my entire body.  My knee that had been aching just moments before felt like brand new again,  and my stomach was settled and ready for some food.

The relief that I get from CBD is a God send and I am very thankful for both CBD and cannabis,  and so far every product that I have received from Purekana has embodied everything that I look for in my products.

After using 40mg out of the 5000mg from Purekana,  I truly felt amazing both inside and out.  CBD helps put my mind at ease and allows me to focus on work,  and it relieves my physical ailments as well allowing me to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be.  I slept like a baby the night after taking my 40mg dose and that was certainly attributed to this cbd oil.

Different Flavoring of Purekana CBD Oil

I think I prefer the Purekana CBD oils that have flavoring like vanilla,  but I guess this cbd oil is so concentrated with the 5000mg of CBD that they couldn’t fit any flavorings in.  Since you need such little liquid for your dose anyway,  it’s not that big of a deal.

I did the math and my 40mg dose cost me $2.65 which is a lot better than you will do price wise with most products out there.

I enjoyed the Purekana 5000mg Full Spectrum CBD oil and I would highly recommend it to anyone that uses a ton of CBD and would like to save some money in the process.