Our full range creams are made with our premium refined distillate and afterward blend with your decision of bearer cream or cold hot sort pain relieving gel. We do all the plan, packaging, naming, wellbeing psychologist seals, and everything required for you to have your very own custom skin cream line. Handling time is 1-6 days and there’s unlimited alternatives to looked over.

We offer standard restorative clamshell type cream holders just as airless round siphon bottles. Picked your own CBD level and get your redid item today.

Unscented Ingredients: Water, hemp distillate, mineral oil, stearic acid (from vegetable oil), coconut oil, glycerin (kosher from coconut oil), lanolin alcohol (a light lanolin oiol), glycerol stearate (from cottonseed oil), cetyle alcohol (kosher from palm oil), tea, vitamin e acetate, methyl paraben