Pennywise Cannabis Strain Review

CBD strains are in high demand in 2020 thanks to the influx of people using CBD flower and products derived from CBD strains.  Pennywise is one of those CBD rich strains,  and Pennywise is known to have 4 different main phenotypes.  All of the phenotypes of Pennywise are high in their CBD content,  but the most common 3 phenotypes are also fairly high in THC as well.  This means that the majority of Pennywise strains that you will comes across would have to be in a state that has also legalized THC medicinally or recreationally.  The least common phenotype that has legal THC content is a rarity.

Pennywise Strain

Pennywise Strain Lineage

Pennywise is a diabolical combination of two infamous strains Harlequin and Jack The Ripper

Pennywise Flavor Profile

This strain has a wonderfully pleasing aroma of spicy coffee,  lemons,  with undertones of sweet candy or bubblegum.  The smell left me thinking that this was going to be a very harsh strain,  but the spiciness of the smell didn’t carry over to the taste.  The danky coffee strong hints of lemon dominate the flavor and the bubblegum aroma is slightly present in the undertones and after taste.  These aromas don’t really seem like they would work together,  but I can assure you that Pennywise is one of the most deliciously satisfying strains that I have ever had the opportunity to try.

Pennywise Bud Consistency

Pennywise CBD Strain

Pennywise nugs are extremely frosty,  rounded,  and very clean looking.  The buds are very dense and compact and they are loaded with shiny trichomes.  The coloring of the buds are a little different from phenotype to phenotype,  but most phenos have little tinges of purple on the tips of light green nugs.  The rarer of the phenotypes might be missing the purple,  but the beautiful light green and densely packed trichomes remain on all 4 phenotypes.

Pennywise Strain Effects

The amazing flavor is just the beginning of the delights the Pennywise has to offer!  Between the high THC and CBD levels,  you can pretty much guarantee that this strain will bring you one of the most relaxing experiences that you’ve ever had.  With just 5 to 6 drags,  I was already sinking into my couch with a deep and euphoric relaxation.  The feeling was great and even though I felt like I sprawled on the top of cloud rather than sitting on a couch,  I didn’t feel lazy or sleepy.  The buzz was invigorating and cerebral,  and my mind felt extremely clear and sharp.  The stress of life was totally wiped away from me,  and I felt like I could mentally take on the world.  My knee pain was melted away almost instantly upon consumption and my stomach that gives me troubles here and there was calmed and ready for food!  I used this strain early in the day,  but I am sure it would be a great option of insomnia as well.  Cotton mouth was the only somewhat unpleasant side effect from Pennywise,  but it turns into a positive side effect if you have a delicious beverage to enjoy!

Pennywise CBD Cannabis Strain Overview

Pennywise is a great option for those that that live in a medicinally legal state,  or for those that can find the rarest pheno that is 50 state legal.  I highly recommend that you give this strain a try if you get the chance.