Mary Transdermal Patch- The cannabis industry has made tremendous progress in the past two and half decades and innovation after innovation has happened right before our eyes.  From edibles to wax and live resin to CBD,  CBN,  THC-A and everything in between,  there have been some really awesome advancements in the cannabis community over the past few years.

One of these amazing innovations that is still fairly fresh in the cannabis community is CBD or cannabidiol.  CBD is a cannabinoid that has great medicinal value without the psychoactive effects that one would get from THC.  In other words,  CBD can give you all of the amazing medicinal benefits of cannabis without getting you high.  This was the perfect innovation for those people who were still afraid of cannabis high or the people that still had a negative opinion of cannabis due to years of propaganda being shoved down their throats.

The Evolution of CBD Transdermal Patch

Now that many people have discovered the wonders of CBD there has been an influx of innovation when it comes to the delivery methods and the types of products being made with CBD.  If you would have told me 10 years ago that you could pop a transdermal CBD patch or a transdermal THC patch on your arm like it was Nicorette,  I probably wouldn’t have believe you.  That is,  however,  the reality that we live in today.

A company called Mary’s Medicinals pioneered the transdermal patches for CBD,  THC,  THC-A,  CBN,  and CBD/THC 1:1.

According to Mary’s Medicinals research shows that transdermal delivery is by far the most effective and efficient method in delivering cannabinoids to the body,  as it directly enters the bloodstream.  When cannabis is smoked or eaten,  patients may lose 70 percent or more of the active cannabinoids due to air vaporization,  stomach acid,  and metabolism.  This means that smoking or eating cannabis or CBD is inefficient in terms of bioavailability or how much of the active cannabinoids will actually be processed by your body.  This also means that getting yourself a proper and consistent dosage can be very difficult when it comes to smoking and eating edibles.

What make’s Mary’s Transdermal Patch Better?

Mary’s Medicinals says that their transdermal patches are so efficient in terms of bioavailability that a 10mg CBD or THC transdermal patch would equal the same effects that one would get from eating an 80mg edible.

I was recently out in Denver Colorado and I visited a dispensary called Kind Love that is located off Alameda Avenue because I had been there before and remembered that they carried Mary’s Medicinals products.  I had been wanting to get my hands on some of the transdermal patches for a while and I grabbed a couple 10mg CBD patches,  2 20mg THC patches (1 sativa and 1 indica),  and 1 CBD/THC 1:1 10mg patch.

Since I landed later in the day I decided just to go ahead with the CBD patch first to see what type of effects I would get without any THC running through my system.

Mary's Medicinal Transdermal CBD Patch 10mg

The patch itself is 2 inches by 2 inches,  and I placed it on the underside of my wrist because it is recommended that you place the patch in a veinous area so the CBD can absorb directly into your bloodstream.  The top of the foot is another perfect area to place one of these patches.  You are also supposed to clean and dry the skin prior to application.

How long does the patch take to feel?

It only took about 6-8 minutes before I could feel the CBD start to take effect.  A pleasant warm wave of relaxation started pulsating throughout my body,  and I finally started to become hungry.  I have some stomach issues and it is very hard for me to eat unless I am smoking cannabis,  but CBD alone can alleviate my stomach issues and increase my appetite.  I wouldn’t say that I get the munchies like I do when smoking cannabis,  but the comfort that comes with taking CBD allows me to eat normally.

I have a bad knee that flares up especially when confined into tight spaces (like the airplane ride to Colorado),  and it was definitely inflamed tender before taking the CBD,  but 10-15 minutes after placing the patch my knee felt %100!

While I felt very relaxed and content,  I also felt a wave of creative energy come over me as well.  I felt motivated to get some work done online  and felt very comfortable while doing so as well.

Potential benefit of the transdermal patch for sleep

Sleep is another problem for me and it is pretty much guaranteed that I will toss and turn all night long if I don’t toke up right before bed.  CBD is a miracle for this ailment I suffer from as well.  After demolishing a little over half of my large pizza I had delivered and putting in a solid 3 or 4 hours working on the computer,  I ended up sleeping like a baby without having to smoke before bed!  This says a lot because I will literally sleep an hour or less without THC or CBD in my system.

All in all,  I can definitely say that Mary’s brought brilliance into the industry when they released their transdermal patches.  I can also attest that their products are A LOT stronger than they look because when you see 10mg or 20mg you really don’t think that it will do much.  The 10mg CBD strip felt similar to taking about 75mg of CBD oil,  and when I tried the THC strips on the second day of my trip I would say that the 20 mg strip felt way stronger than a standard 100mg edible.  They are a bit pricy at $10 a piece,  but that is cheaper than almost every 100mg edible,  and you can find them on sale sometimes as well.

This is a great product for people who want to utilize CBD because it is a very reliable and consistent method that takes all of the guessing out of dosing.  The transdermal CBD patches work wonders and the THC patches are the perfect replacement for edibles that provides a clearer high without the nasty taste of cannabutter.

I would highly recommend Mary’s Medicinals transdermal CBD patches for anyone that was considering giving them a try or if you are just now hearing about them for the first time.