Lifter CBD Strain Review

CBD has came a very long way in a very short time and has basically become the number 1 trending health and wellness product in the United States.  CBD is popping up in every local store and even every local gas station,  and you can literally find it on every corner of the Tampa Bay area where I hail from.

CBD strains used to be so hard to come by and it seems like Charlotte’s Web was the only legal CBD strain around for a couple of years at least.  Now there are dozens,  if not more,  high CBD/low THC strains that are 100 percent legal in the USA to grow and consume.

One of these new strains is called Lifter.

Lifter CBD strain lineage

Lifter was bred by Oregon CBD by crossing Suver Haze with Early Resin Bud.  The result is a high yielding CBD dominant strain that is perfect for both direct consumption or for making CBD-based products.

Lifter CBD Strain Smell and Aroma Profile

Lifter is a decadent treat that smells of funky cheese and fuel.  The terpenes are strong and the smell really shines over to the taste,  which can be quite the rarity for CBD-dominant strains.

Lifter CBD Strain Bud Profile

Lifter consists of heavy,  long,  and wispy looking buds that are light green in color with a little bit of orange and brown undertones.  The problem with the majority of CBD bud and industrial hemp that is available on the market is the fact that it is coming from huge outdoor farms.  This means that you aren’t going to get that super light green and frosty consistency with many CBD strains out there for sale because almost no one is spending the extra money to grow their product indoor at the moment.  The Lifter that I tried out was a nice green in color but it definitely wasn’t indoor grown,  but you could solve that yourself by buying CBD strain seeds and then growing them yourself with an indoor setup.

Lifter Strain Overview and Conclusion

Lifter is a great strain option for anyone that is looking for a CBD-dominant strain to either directly consume or use in the making of CBD-based products.  Lifter has a nice terpene profile and I’m sure it would do quite well infusing into a carrier oil of your choice for a solid CBD oil.  The nugs are satisfying in aroma,  looks,  taste,  and effects,  and the effects are typically the most important factor for people using CBD.  Lifter will definitely help with pain management,  anxiety,  depression,  stomach issues,  epileptic issues,  hunger,  sleep,  and much more.  Anything that your standard CBD treats can be treated with the Lifter strain since it has such a high content of CBD.

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