Harlequin Cannabis Strain Review

The Harlequin strain is one of the quintessential strains that have been used to further the CBD industry thru selective breeding.  Harlequin is a unique strain because it tests very high for CBD and THCA while still having a very high THC level.  The high THC levels didn’t stop genius breeders from using it’s CBD potential to breed 50 state legal strains like Harle-Tsu.  This strain tests anywhere from 8-19 percent THC, while testing 5-10 percent CBD,  and 4-11 percent THCA.

harlequin strain

Is The Harlequin Strain Indica or Sativa?

Harlequin is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a 75/25 ratio.

Harlequin Strain Lineage

This strain was first bred by Dr. Green of the House of David Collective and it was created by crossing three landrace strains with a Columbian Gold male.  A landrace Swiss,  landrace Thai,  and Nepali Indica were crossed and then pollinated with a male Columbian Gold strain which led to the Legendary Harlequin.

Harlequin Strain Flavor Profile

The smell of Harlequin is absolutely amazing with strong levels of mango,  citrus,  dank-y diesel-y gas,  and undertones of pine and earthiness.  The taste is just as good as the smell and that strong dank smell carries over to the taste.  It’s one of those strains that you try out and look to your buddy and can’t wait for him to try it.  It’s straight fire!  This was a big surprise for me as well because most sativa-dominant strains smell great to me,  but normally the taste isn’t quite as good as the smell.  Harlequin really surprised me and I would highly recommend getting a taste of it!  I would give the smell a 9.25/10 and the taste a 8.75/10!

Harlequin Bud Consistency 

Unlike many sativa-dominant strains,  Harlequin’s nugs are surprisingly dense and compact.  They shine beautifully with a thick layer of trichomes that cover the light green bud with darker but still bright leaves.  There is also an abundance of red and bright orange hairs(pistils) to the point that it’s really noticeable compared to your average strain.  Overall the bag appeal on this strain is very high and the looks are very appealing to me.  I would rate the look 8.25/10.

Harlequin Strain Effects

Do not sleep on this strain because Harlequin can really pack a punch.  Most people see that 19 percent is typically the highest level of THC that this strain gets,  but they don’t realize that it also tests for very significant levels of THCA,  which converts directly to THC when heat is applied,  meaning that if it tested 19 percent THC and 11 percent THCA,  it would really be the equivalent of testing for 30 percent THC.  This means that this strain can be very potent,  even if it does have a significant amount of CBD to help balance the effects.  When I smoked a blunt of Harlequin out in Denver,  I could feel the effects start taking over me fairly quickly only about 1/4 of the way through the blunt.

I felt very focused and also felt a nice warm wave of energy run through my body.  Think of it as an all natural,  herbal,  less intense version of taking an Adderall to study back in college.  I felt very bright,  uplifted,  and happy,  while also feeling calm,  relaxed,  and focused.  My stomach had been bothering me all day on the flight from Tampa to Denver but once I got this bud and gave it a try,  my acid reflux was no more and I had a monstrous appetite,  which is a rarity for me!  The pain in my knee that flared up due to the flight was also basically cured for the day by the Harlequin strain!  It is a great strain for pain,  stress,  motivation,  depression,  anxiety,  stomach issues,  appetite issues,  and probably much more!

Harlequin Overview

This is an amazing strain that I would recommend that anyone try that isn’t afraid of getting THC in their system and feeling euphoria!  The high CBD levels will help balance out the high THCA levels that will also convert into THC once smoked!  Since the THC level is so high in this strain,  it is only legal in states that have passed medicinal or recreational marijuana laws.  If you live in a state where THC is still illegal,  you can always enjoy this strain if you go on vacation to Colorado,  California,  or any other of the 11 total recreational legal states in the US!  This strain is very unique since it’s high in CBD,  THC,  and THCA and that makes for a unique experience that I enjoyed thoroughly.