CBD has been exploding in popularity over the past couple years and is becoming the biggest health and wellness craze in the USA.  It is available in many forms with hundreds of different products to choose from,  along with many different consumption methods.

Analyzing The Grand Daddy Purp CBD Crumble

Since I am a cannabis enthusiast,  I really enjoy smoking CBD flower or dabbing CBD concentrates.  Not only is it a great method in terms of dosing and getting yourself the proper amount of CBD in your system,  but it is also extremely fast acting.  No other method is faster than delivering cannabinoids into the body than smoking unless someone out there is crazy enough to somehow find a way to inject them,  but I am talking realistically here.  Smoking CBD gets the medicine in your bloodstream in under a minute and that can be very helpful if you need quick relief.

There is a company called Extract Labs that sells a variety of CBD products online and I recently ordered some Blue Dream CBD shatter from them along with Granddaddy Purple CBD Crumble.  Extract Labs makes their shatter and crumble differently because they reintroduce the terpenes back into the shatter while the crumble is made with full spectrum CBD oil that is extracted via Super Critical C02.  The shatter only consists of pure CBD isolate crystals and terpenes while the crumble contains terpenes and other cannabinoids naturally.

The Extra Cannabinoids Found in the Crumble

The Granddaddy Purp CBD crumble also contains high levels of CBN,  CBG,  CBDA,  and remains under %0.3 THC.  The CBD crumble is made from C02 extracted hemp and it is legal for sale and purchase in all 50 states.

The package that I got from Extract Labs was discreet,  and the packaging for the crumble was your standard glass jar with the Extract Labs custom logo printed on the label.

granddaddy purp cbd crumble review

The crumble itself was a bit more dense and compact than your standard THC crumble,  but it was very malleable and actually a bit easier to handle than your standard crumble.  The color is bright golden yellow that looks a bit more orange in the picture above than the product that I received.

The smell of this crumble was absolutely intoxicating and positively pungent.  The smell was a sweet grape and berry mixed with that gassy dank aroma that can only come from Grand Daddy Purple.  Not only does this product smell amazingly delicious but it’s also very loud with a potent aroma that permeates the room.

Uses of CBD Crumble

The 0.07 gram dab of the GDP CBD crumble melted perfectly on my titanium nail and the hit was as smooth as it was tasty.  The grape and berry aroma carried over to the taste and delighted my taste buds upon exhale.  That delicious grape and berry flavor stayed in mouth for 2 or 3 minutes after my dab and I only wished it would have lasted even longer.  Granddaddy Purp is one of my favorite strains and Extract Labs did it justice with their CBD crumble.

The effects were exactly what I had hoped for and the onset was almost immediate.  My stomach had been bothering me all day and acid had been living in my esophagus all morning long.  Seconds after taking a dab of this CBD crumble,  I felt immediate relief in my stomach and it’s like all the excess acid that had been plaguing me all morning just disappeared.  If it wasn’t for CBD and cannabis,  I don’t know what I would do about my stomach issues,  but thankfully CBD does the trick for me,  and this product worked wonders!

I slept like a baby last night after dabbing this product as well which is another reason that I use CBD.  Without it,  I have terrible insomnia and I toss and turn all night long.  The CBD content is definitely high in this product and the effects are miraculous.  Not only did it help me out with my ailments I mentioned,  but it also helped put me in a deep relaxed state.  Not all CBD gives me the physical feeling of relaxation in both my body and my mind,  but the Granddaddy Purp CBD crumble certainly had me kicking back with my feet up.

Some Disadvantages of the CBD Crumble

The only complaint that I could say that I have with this product,  or with Extract Labs in general,  is the fact that it is a bit pricy.  Buying just one gram will run you $50 and you have to buy at least 3 grams to save any money,  dropping the price to $45 each.  Buying 5 or more will drop the price even further to $40 each,  and sometimes you can find a promo code to use during checkout to save even more.

If you enjoy dabbing THC and you haven’t tried with CBD then you don’t know what you’re missing out on!  Even if you have never tried dabbing or any type of THC or CBD concentrate,  I would highly recommend trying out a CBD crumble like this one.