Elektra CBD Strain Review

CBD has been gaining popularity over the last couple of years and it has really taken off in the health and wellness community in the United States.  There are tons of companies out there making different products from CBD to make it easily accessible and usable to anyone and everyone.  Since CBD doesn’t get you high,  even the people that think cannabis is a drug and even the people that are scared of cannabis are using CBD to benefit their health.

Since CBD has started becoming the hottest trend in the USA,  more and more companies have also been working diligently to selectively breed cannabis strains to increase CBD percentage while decreasing THC percentage.  Growing CBD hemp is 100 percent legal in all 50 states as long as your plant contains less than %0.3 THC.  This is where the selective breeding to decrease THC levels comes into play and while there were only a couple of CBD strains to choose from just 2 or 3 years ago,  there are now dozens to choose from.

Today I am reviewing a CBD strain called Elektra that was bred by a company called Oregon CBD.

Elektra CBD strain

Elektra CBD Strain Lineage

Elektra came to life thanks to Oregon CBD by crossing Early Resin Berry to ACDC.  The end result is a delicious strain that tests between 15-16 percent CBD and less than 0.3 percent THC which makes it the perfect strain for those looking use the flower directly or making some type of CBD product out of the flower.

Elektra Strain Flavor Profile

The aromas that I got from Elektra mainly consisted of sweet citrus,  red wine/berries,  and undertones of pine and mango.  Most CBD dominant strains that I have tried in the past really lacked in that punch of aroma that most good cannabis strains give out,  but the Elektra definitely did not disappoint when it came to the terpenes.  The smell and aroma of the Elektra carries over to the taste as well with strong citrus,  pine,  and berry flavor.  The flavor of Elektra reminds me both of OG Kush and Blue Dream and if you were to imagine those two flavor profiles mixed together with a little bit of mango,  that is Elektra.

Elektra Bud Consistency

The nugs of Elektra that I received were medium-large to large in size and light green in color with little hues of reddish-orange popping up here and there.

The buds have a thin but noticeable layer of frosty trichomes that are accented by long pale orange hairs.  The outside of the nugs feel a little bit dry to the touch but once you break a bud open you get that sticky icky consistency that every cannabis enthusiast loves to feel.  I would recommend using a grinder to break up your Elektra because doing so by hand will leave you with some sticky fingers!

Elektra Strain Effects

I rolled up a fat king sized joint of Elektra and like I said before,  it tastes absolutely delicious for any cannabis’ standard,  but especially for a CBD strain.  I could feel the onset of relaxation after my 4th or 5th puff on the joint and remember thinking to myself that I couldn’t believe I was already feeling the wave of warm relaxation through my body as soon as I was.  I have bad knee pain that comes and goes and halfway through the joint of Elektra,  I could feel the inflammation and tension in my knee start to melt away.

I felt very clear headed and focused upon finishing my joint and truly felt as if I were about 15 years younger.  CBD effects me oddly in the fact that it gives me a great deal of relaxation,  yet a huge boost of energy and creativity as well.  I love using CBD before doing work online,  and it always helps me get more work done in less time.

Elektra CBD Strain Overview

If you are looking for a CBD strain to smoke,  or to make CBD products with,  I would highly recommend giving the Elektra strain from Oregon CBD a try.  Not only is it tasty and pungent with aroma,  but it also delivers marvelous effects from the high 15-16 percent CBD levels. You can buy an ounce of Elektra online for as cheap as $79!