Early Resin Berry Strain Review

The origins of Early Resin Berry seem to be somewhat unknown at this point and I can’t find anywhere to purchase seeds online either.  The genetics seem to be unknown,  along with the original breeder.  With all of that being said,  if anyone else has some more insight into the elusive ERB(Early Resin Berry) make sure to drop it in the comments section below!  The origin of this strain is similar to that of OG Kush at this point,  in my opinion.  The difference is at least OG Kush has plentiful rumors and possible genetics readily available in forum after forum and site after site,  but the same can’t be said for ERB.

Without knowing all of the details,  it is still certain that this strain has helped play a crucial role in the development of some beloved CBD strains throughout the community.

Early Resin Berry Lineage


Early Resin Berry Strain Flavor Profile

This strain tastes like straight berries,  as the name would imply.  It is the purple mixed berry gum type flavor with a mixture of different red colored berries.  The amazing sweet berry with undertones of citrus will leave you salivating and coming back for another smell!   The amazing aroma carries over to the taste as well and you get that sweet rich berry flavor with light notes of citrus in the background that come on even more prominently in the after-taste.  This is one of my favorite smelling and tasting strains that I have ever tried!

Early Resin Berry Bud Consistency

 These large buds are coated with shiny bright trichomes and the nugs will leave your fingers sticky even from just grabbing one out of the jar and placing straight into a grinder.  The buds are bright light green with tinges of purple throughout that are especially prominent on the tips.  The nugs are also coated with fiery red pistils,  and all in all it has a very high bag appeal.

Early Resin Berry Strain Effects

The taste alone is enough to enjoy this strain,  but the effects are quite nice as well!   The CBD:THC content is said to be around 20:1 with this strain,  and you I could definitely feel a nice relaxation from the influx of CBD entering my system after 5-6 drags.  There is definitely at least some THC as well because I could feel a bit of a high as well,  unless it was just all a placebo effect.  Either way,  I normally don’t feel like this with CBD-rich strains.  My stomach had been bothering me earlier that day,  but it all melted away halfway through my blunt.  I felt very nice and euphoric with a very clear and sharp feeling mind.  I also enjoyed a nice nap 3 hours after consumption as well,  and that was definitely attributed to the ERB!

Early Resin Berry Overview

This is a must try strain just because of the amazing aroma and flavor,  but the effects aren’t to shabby themselves!  This is a fairly rare strain to come across in a dispensary,  but if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to try the amazing Early Resin Berry strain,  I would definitely take it!