CBD is probably the biggest health and wellness craze currently spreading like wildfire throughout the United States,  and popping up in almost every store known to planet Earth.  We went from only having CBD flower,  to CBD oil,  to edibles, to topicals,  to concentrates,  and everything in between.

As if there wasn’t already a crazy surplus of products and innovations with CBD,  someone figured out that cannabidiol can be very beneficial for pet dogs as well.  So yes,  we now have CBD oils and CBD treats for your pet dog,  and if you’re serious about your pet’s health then this is definitely the product for you.

I want to make it very clear that there has been very little to no scientific research done on the effects of CBD on dogs,  and all of the information that I am about to give you is anecdotal observations that have been collectively recognized by hundreds of people online.  So just keep in mind that all of the benefits and side effects that I am about to list are based on collective observation and not scientific research.

What does CBD oil for dogs do?   

I would say that the most common use for cbd oil for your pet dog would be pain management.  Once your dog starts getting up in age you can definitely see a difference in the way they act.  They don’t have the same pep in their step,  they can’t jump up to spots they used to be able to reach with ease,  and they become a lot less active.  In a lot of different scenarios an aging dog does all of this because he or she is in pain.  While you might be able to see your dog walk with a limp,  there aren’t many other ways that the dog can communicate that they are in pain.  CBD has been known to turn back the clock with pet dogs that are struggling with pain and it allows them to start enjoying their lives again.

What are the benefits of CBD for dogs?

Another benefit of CBD is anxiety relief.  Not only does CBD help humans with anxiety,  but it seems to greatly help dogs with anxiety as well. I saw a before and after video of a pet owner trying to take their dog to the vet,  but the dog was very wise and knew when he was about to be taken to the vet.  You could literally see the fear reigning through the dog in the first video.  His eyes were filled with grief and sadness and his body literally had tremors as he was dreading the trip.  In the next scene the owner medicated his dog an hour before the car ride to the vet,  and the results were astounding.  The dog hopped right up into the passenger seat with his tail wagging and happiness in his eyes.  The owner even asked out loud if he was ready for his visit to the vet,  and the dog continued the ride there and walk inside happy and stress free.  There are also numerous accounts of people using CBD oil for their dogs for traveling as well and they all say that it works wonders for anxiety.  Other videos show dogs stricken with fear during a thunderstorm,  but once they get CBD into their systems it seems like all is well.

Appetite stimulation is another benefit that has been collectively recognized by the masses of pet owners that have tried CBD oil for their dog.  Some dogs have trouble eating or digesting their food,  but CBD seems to work wonders for this.

Other Advantages of Oil For Dogs

CBD is also speculated to have anti-cancer properties so some pet owners just want to do everything that is in their power to keep their beloved dog around as long as possible,  and CBD is a viable option for preventative cancer measurements.

There are probably other reasons out there that people buy CBD oil for dogs so if you know of another potential benefit make sure to leave it in the comments!

Potential side effects of dogs using CBD oil include dry mouth,  drowsiness,  and in some cases lowered blood pressure.

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