CBD oil has been popping up everywhere over the last year,  and I can literally buy it in almost every single gas station around where I live near Tampa Florida.  The health and wellness community has embraced cannabidiol and it is being touted as a cure all for countless ailments.

Will CBD Oil Make You Fail a Drug Test?

Most people in the United States have accepted the fact that cannabis holds true medicinal value and that’s why it continues to be voted in medicinally and recreationally all throughout the country.  Even most of those extreme conservatives that would never dare touch cannabis have came to realize that other people should be able to use what they see fit to treat their health problems.  CBD has captured the attention of even those that are scared of “marijuana” or think that it’s a bad thing to get high.  Since CBD delivers a lot of the same health benefits as cannabis without the high,  it was the perfect cannabinoid to hit the market because no one is left out of it’s targeted audience.

Don’t Stress Over a Drug Test

Since cannabidiol technically does come from cannabis,  or at least industrial hemp at the very least,  there are a lot of people out there that are concerned about a CBD drug test,  or that CBD will cause a false positive for cannabis in a standard drug test.

If you are simply wondering if there is a CBD drug test out there,  the answer is no.  There are dipstick drug tests for all types of crazy stuff that I found online including kratom,  K2,  fentanyl,  and more,  but there are none for CBD.  Now,  I am 100 percent certain that a lab could detect CBD if they were looking for it,  but it’s not a standard compound that they search for.  If you have a job in the military or the government that is strict on drugs,  and if they specifically tell you not to use CBD,  then yes I would be worried about it being detected in a lab based drug test.

You will not fail a drug test on CBD Oil

Now if you are wondering if using CBD will make you fail a standard drug test for THC,  the answer is also no,  but it comes with a caveat.  Pure CBD like CBD isolate will not cause a false reading for THC,  but there are loads of CBD products out there that do have trace amounts of THC in them.  As long as the THC level is under 0.3 percent,  a CBD oil company can legally sell a product with small amounts of THC.  This can indeed cause a positive reading for THC on a standard drug test.  I would say the likelihood of this happening would be very small,  but let’s say your CBD oil did contain 0.25 percent THC,  and let’s say that you use quite a bit of it,  there is definitely a chance of you failing a test.

Furthermore,  a lot of CBD products that are made from industrial hemp have other cannabinoids present on top of the cannabidiol alone such as CBG,  CBN,  CBDA,  and THC-A.  CBN has been shown in some studies to interact with a standard drug test and cause a false positive for THC.  This means that CBD oils and other products that aren’t isolated into pure CBD could potentially cause a false positive on a drug test.

Buy CBD Oil with lab tests

If you want to continue to use CBD,  but you want to be 100 percent sure that there is zero chance of failing a standard drug test due to a false THC reading,  then I would highly recommend only buying CBD products that are made with CBD isolate.  CBD isolate is virtually 100 percent pure THC,  and using only products made with isolate will ensure than trace amounts of THC don’t enter your system.

Since CBD doesn’t get you high,  and it can’t be abused by people on probation or in drug rehab facilities,  there is no standard CBD drug test, but like I said before,  it could certainly be detected by a lab that’s looking for it.