What is CBD?

CBD is the latest and greatest health and wellness trend buzzing around the United States right now.  CBD stands for cannabidiol which is an active cannabinoid found in many different cannabis strains,  and in industrial hemp.  CBD hasn’t been studied too much scientifically yet,  but there is a lot of collective anecdotal evidence to support that it has many different health benefits from pain relief,  to anti-inflammation,  to anti-anxiety,  relaxation,  anticonvulsant,  appetite enhancement,  and more.

What is the right CBD dosage?  

This greatly depends on a numerous amount of factors such as your body weight,  the type of CBD product you’re using,  your individual biochemistry,  and the condition that you are treating.  Everyone is different and that makes it somewhat difficult to determine a proper dosage,  but the most reliable way to do so would be to speak to a doctor.

How much CBD should I take? 

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of speaking with a doctor and you’re looking for an immediate answer now,  I would always say to start your dosage low and then work your way up if needed.  Depending on what you are using CBD for and how much you weigh,  I would recommend starting between 5mg-10mg with your first dose.  If you are using CBD oil,  the instructions should let you know how many milligrams is in each full dropper so let’s say one full dropper is 20mg,  I would start between 1/4 and 1/2 of the dropper.  If you are using a different CBD product,  it shouldn’t be too difficult to determine how much of the product to take to get to 5mg-10mg.  If you have pure CBD isolate then you literally just need to weigh out 5mg or 10mg on a scale,  but if you have a concentrate that is 75 percent CBD then you will have to do some math to get your dosage right.

If you try out the initial dose and it doesn’t seem to work out for you or you don’t quite get the effects that you were looking for,  gradually increase your dosage by 5mg until you reach the sweet spot.  Keep in mind that if you are using CBD to treat severe pain then you probably want to start your dosage higher somewhere around 25mg-40mg.

Can you overdose on CBD? 

There have been no accounts of someone OD’ing on CBD,  but you can definitely get some unpleasant side effects if you were to take way to much.  The most common effect reported by people that took excess amounts of CBD was simply fatigue.  It’s kind of like cannabis,  you would most likely literally pass out and fall asleep before you could actually overdose and die.  Diarrhea has been reported by others a negative side effect of over dosing CBD,  and others have reported change in appetite as well.  It would probably take thousands and thousands of milligrams of CBD to cause any real damage as some liver damage was shown in mice that were injected with enormous amounts of CBD,  but I think that you are fairly safe from any worries of overdosing or dying off of using cannabidiol.

A study in 2011 showed that continuous use of 1,500 mg of CBD per day was perfectly safe and well tolerated by humans.  1,500mg is ridiculous amount of CBD and if you can’t get positive effects from 250mg or less,  it will be extremely costly and uneconomical.