Cannatonic CBD Strain Review

CBD strains that are high in CBD and very low in THC (0.3 percent THC or lower) are in very high demand here at the end of 2019 as CBD has really swept across the United States to become one of,  if not the, most popular health and wellness product to circulate throughout the United States.  The United States has been at the forefront of cannabis legalization over the past 2 decades and many different US states have passed legislation to allow for medicinal or recreational cannabis.  The health benefits of cannabis have been far known and widely debated upon over the past few years,  but most people have now finally accepted that cannabis has a wide array of health benefits and now accept it’s medicinal use.  CBD is much like cannabis in the fact that it provides health benefits but unlike THC,  CBD doesn’t give you psychoactive effects,  or in other words,  it doesn’t get you high.

Cannatonic is an important CBD-dominant strain that has been used by many other breeding companies to develop new CBD-dominant strains and if it wasn’t for Cannatonic,  you would be missing out on dozens of other 50 state legal CBD strains that have been developed thanks to Cannatonic.

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Cannatonic CBD Strain Lineage

Cannantonic was developed by the Spain-based CBD genetics company Resin Seeds.  Cannatonic is a cross between MK Ultra and G13 haze.  This strain is also known as the “CBD Queen”,  as I mentioned before it being the mother strain of dozens of CBD-dominant strains.

Cannatonic Strain Aroma and Taste Profile

Cannatonic is a very earthy strain with citrus undertones.  The taste is mild and smooth and is earthy with hints of chocolate and citrus.

Cannatonic Strain CBD and THC Percentage

This is a great strain for those looking for relief with CBD but it will only be legal for those in states that have passed medicinal marijuana as well.  While Cannatonic has tested as high as 17 percent for CBD,  it usually averages at about 10 percent CBD,  but it also usually has about 5-6 percent THC as well with some phenotypes matching the CBD ratio 1:1 according to Resin Seeds themselves.  This means if you are looking for a CBD strain that is under 0.3 THC,  this is not the strain for you.  You would also have to work a little bit harder than normal to make a legal CBD product out of Cannatonic as well even though there may be as much as 17 percent CBD.  You would have to isolate the CBD from the THC in order to make legal CBD products from Cannatonic and it would be much easier to just start with a flower that is already under 0.3 percent THC.  Cannatonic is in fact the mother of many different CBD dominant strains that do make it under the legal threshold of 0.3 percent THC,  and that’s why it’s called the “CBD Queen“!

Cannatonic Strain Effects

The effects of Cannatonic are extremely enjoyable because it features a very high CBD level with a substantial amount of THC as well.  The THC seems to amplify the cessation of stomach pain I receive every time that I take CBD,  and the THC definitely amplified that effect while adding some extreme munchies to the mix as well!  The relaxation from Cannatonic is intoxicatingly refreshing and mellow,  and the CBD really helps balance down the substantial 5-6 percent THC.  The pain relief from this strain is also great and having a small bit of THC probably helps boost the CBD in this regard as well.  An hour after first trying out this strain I zonked out for a nice hour and a half long hour nap so I would definitely say that this strain will help with insomnia as well.  I also had the urge to call my brother,  wife,  and a few of my close friends after using Cannatonic so it’s safe to say that it helped with my anxiety/social anxiety as well.  All in all,  this is a great option for those than live in a medicinal state,  but not the one for someone who doesn’t yet live in a medicinal state.

Cannatonic Strain Overview

If you are looking for a CBD strain that also has some decent levels of THC as well,  this is definitely a solid choice for you.  It averages around 10 percent CBD and 5-6 percent THC while some phenotypes test as high as 17 percent CBD with THC matching at a 1:1 ratio.  The effects you get from the CBD from this strain are only amplified by the ample amount of THC that is also present,  and this could really make it a viable option for someone in extreme pain that has tried CBD and CBD wasn’t just quite enough.  The 5-6 percent of THC is definitely high enough to help with some pain relief while not being too high to cause paranoia or any other bad effects one would get from dosing too much THC.