CBD has been exploding in popularity over the past year or two,  and it seems like everybody and their grandma has been giving it a try.  CBD went from an underground phenomenon,  to a dispensary dominated industry,  and now almost every gas station and gift shop has it for sale.

Official Blue Dream CBD Shatter Review

The accessibility of CBD is amazingly abundant and so are the different forms of consumption.  You can go with the orally ingested CBD oil,  CBD-infused sweets and treats,  balms and lotions,  concentrates like shatter or isolate,  bath bombs,  CBD pills,  or a variety of other methods when it comes to consuming CBD.

One of my favorite methods is using a CBD concentrate like CBD shatter.   I have always loved dabbing because of the amazing flavor you get from a good shatter or live resin,  and now it is easy to get CBD shatter that tastes just as good as normal THC-based wax.

How is the shatter made?

Extract Labs is an online based CBD company that offers a huge variety of different CBD products.  They use CBD isolate crystals and reintroduce cannabis terpenes to mimic desirable strain profiles and flavors.  I decided to order the Blue Dream CBD shatter because according to Extract Labs,  it is the most popular strain for mood elevation.

blue dream cbd shatter

As you can see,  the Extract Labs CBD shatter is a bit lighter in color than your normal TCH shatter.  This is because Extract Labs is basically reverse engineering shatter by starting with 100 percent pure CBD isolate and then reintroducing the terpenes back in to the isolate to give it flavor and smell.  This kind of means that it’s not true shatter,  but it’s close enough to keep me happy.

The Extract Labs package that I received in the mail was discreet and the packaging for the shatter was pretty standard with a glass jar and custom printed logo on the front.

Blue Dream CBD Shatter Appearence

The Blue Dream CBD shatter itself smelled wonderful upon opening it up,  and the aromas of blueberry,  raspberry/strawberry,  and undertones of lemon filled the air allowing me to smell the shatter before I even put my nose up to the container.  When I finally did that I got a pungent punch of sweet berries and gas buds that got me super excited to try it out!

The shatter was very consistent and easily able to handle at room temperature.  I broke off a 0.05 gram dose of the shatter and heated the end up of my titanium tool for a second so I could melt the shatter onto my tool and get it ready to dab up.  The draw was very smooth and the exhale was bursting with flavor.  The terpenes that Extract Labs added to their CBD isolate perfectly mimicked Blue Dream,  and that was very surprising to say the least.  Most companies mix in food grade terpenes to replicate those of cannabis,  and others actually use real cannabis terpenes.  I’m not %100 percent sure in saying this,  but I am pretty sure Extract Labs uses the real deal.  I have yet to have a concentrate that had reintroduced terpenes that mimicked the strain they claimed as perfectly as this Blue Dream.

The effects from the CBD were pleasantly relaxing and the upset stomach that I had been suffering from all day was immediately relieved.  This relief boosted my appetite as CBD typically does for me as long as the dose is at least 15-20 mg.  The food tasted amazing and while CBD won’t give you the munchies like smoking a THC field joint will,  it will definitely settle an upset stomach and help boost appetite.

I also have a problem with my knee and while it wasn’t particularly inflamed or agitated today,  I can definitely say that I never felt a trace of discomfort for the rest of the day after taking my dab.

Some Uses For The CBD Shatter

Sleep is another problem that I have if I don’t consume cannabis or CBD,  and while I haven’t gone to bed yet after trying the Blue Dream CBD shatter,  I can definitely say that I have heavy eyes and I don’t think I am going to have a problem falling asleep tonight.

Most shatters and concentrates that feature reintroduced terpenes taste medicinal or nowhere near the strain that they are purported to be,  but Extract Labs nailed the flavor profile and smell of Blue Dream with their CBD shatter.

This product is a bit pricey at $50 per gram,  but you can save %10 by buying 3 or more,  and %20 by buying 5 or more.  This means you can get it as cheap as $40 per gram,  and maybe even cheaper if Extract Labs happens to have a sale or happens to drop a promo code.

All in all,  there are comparable quality products that you can find for a cheaper price,  but if you don’t mind spending the money then I would highly recommend trying out Extract Lab’s Blue Dream CBD shatter.  It has a great smell,  delicious taste,  and amazing effects.