Berry Blossom Strain Review

This strain is known for it’s amazing high CBD levels that range from 10-18 percent with levels of THC well below 0.3 percent.  It is also known for growing very well in a variety of different climates which makes it a very popular strain throughout the United States.

Berry Blossom Strain Lineage

Cherry Kandahar S1 x Chardonnay

Berry Blossom Flavor Profile

The Berry Blossom strain will have you desiring to give it a try upon the first sniff.  The aroma is rich with blueberry,  raspberry,  mixed-purple berries,  with undertones of citrus and pine.  The aroma is sweet and potent and will leave you in great anticipation for the taste,  which is also truly amazing.  The dark berry aroma of the Berry Blossom carries over heavily to the taste and tastes almost like candy.  The citrus doesn’t really carry over to the taste,  but the pine is certainly present in the undertones and the after taste.  Most strains that I have came across that smell very fruity,  whether it be lemon or berry,  don’t taste quite as good as they smell.  This certainly isn’t the case with Berry Blossom and it is one of the best smelling and tasting strains that I have ever had,  especially considering that it is a 50 state legal strain.

Berry Blossom Bud Consistency

Berry Blossom Strain

Because this is an indica dominant strain,  the buds are typically smaller and very dense.  The nugs are light green in color and scattered with purple hues.  The buds are also generously covered in sticky and shiny trichomes that shine with brilliance and almost completely cover the light green color of the buds.  There is also a plethora of fiery orange pistils all throughout the bud that only improves the overall appearance.  The bag appeal is high with this strain is very high,  especially for a 50 state legal strain.

Berry Blossom Strain Effects

Because this strain is indica dominant,  the effects are more on the indica side of the spectrum as well.  I almost instantly felt relaxed after just 2-3 puffs of this delicious strain.  The more I smoked,  the deeper I fell into my relaxed state,  and almost felt like I was in a trance when it was all said and done.  I felt like my mind was clear,  but I also felt like it wasn’t working at a high level because I literally sat there for at least 10 minutes thinking about absolutely nothing.  I didn’t have motivation to do anything work-related,  but I did have a great time playing some Escape From Tarkov on my gaming PC, and I felt like I was entrenched into the experience.  I also got very hungry after trying out Blossom Berry and I killed an entire frozen pizza afterwards that also tasted a lot better than it normally would have.  This is also a great strain for pain relief,  stomach issues,  and insomnia.

Berry Blossom Overview

This is a wonderfully pleasant strain that has a tasty aroma,  delicious taste,  and pleasantly euphoric effects.  The smell and taste alone make this strain worth trying,  but the effects are also amazing if you are looking for something more relaxing versus something motivating and cerebral.  All in all,  it is one of my favorite 50 state legal strains.